Monday, 10 September 2012

Checking for defects

From Expert Advice Kenneth Brown
First thing you need to do when you take over possession of your new apartment is to check for defects and report them to the management office for rectification works. Therefore, it is very important that this is done correctly and swiftly so that unacceptable products and workmanship can be rectified quickly so as not to affect the progress of your renovation works to come.
  • Here are some common items to lookout for when checking for defects;
  • Always start from the main door and walk in slowing area by area.
  • Don’t skip from 1 area to another and come back again, you will miss it.
  • Check that floor for scratches and cracked tiles.
  • Scratches on glass panels of windows and doors.
An example of scratches found on the glass panel.
  • Scratches on wooden doors are common.
  • Scratches on parquet floor.
  • Scratches on wardrobe doors and frame.
An example of scratches found on door & parquet flooring near
door frame, which is usually not very visible.
  • Faulty hinges and drawer tracks of cabinets.
  • Cracks on toilet tiles.
  • Rusty stainless steel of toilet accessories and sink.
  • Scratches on kitchen worktop and stainless steel backing.

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