Monday, 10 September 2012

Tips for home color match

Different styles and concepts have different color scheme, each one has wonderful appearance from professional designer’s hands. Some basic rules of colour matching are:
1. Colors of one space should not be more than 3, not including white and blank.
2. Gold and silver can match with any color. Gold not including yellow, silver not including white.
3. The best of the home color schemes in the case of no designer would be: light color wall, warm color floor and deep color fitments.
4. Don’t use warm colors in the kitchen, not including yellow.
5. Don’t use deep green flooring.
6. In any case, don’t put same color but different material stuff. Otherwise, you may make mistake in half a chance.
7. If you want bright and modern home theme, don’t use the printing fabrics, (not including green plant) use single color design.
8. Ceiling must light than walls or be the same as wall. When the wall color is deep, ceiling must be light.
9. Open space must use one color schemes. Block out spaces can use different color schemes.

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