Monday, 10 September 2012

Tips to taking your first step

Choosing the right Interior Designer

You are the proud owner of your new house but at the same time wondering how you could start transforming this new house into your dream home. Therefore, you start to look for renovators but you wonder how and who to engage to design and build your beautiful home.

You have heard many bad experience from friends and newspaper reports all suggesting that renovation is both a frustrating and hectic process. Please do not worry because there are many good and responsible renovators whom will provide you with a pleasant renovation experience.

Taking your first step

Now the first step to make sure you have a pleasant renovation experience and to fufil your desire wish at a dream home is to get the right renovator. So do you engage a company based on the number of years in the industry or a younger company? Frankly speaking it shouldn't be your major concern because the truth is, it is the individual interior designer or the contractor himself that is handling and coordinating the whole process.
Therefore, you should be engaging the right designer rather than the right company to work with, as the company with the 'x' number of years may not have the most experience and responsible person to work with you.
(Remember that people will move to greener pasture and the so called established comapny may not be able to send you the desired designer)
So the question to whether you have a pleasant renovation experience lies with the right designer you engaged rather than the company.
Experienced designers will normally be working for a company that is reliable as they will be awared of which company can provide them the best career opportunities. So, the chance will be that if you engaged the right designer you will also be selecting the right company to work with.

Secondly, is to look at the setup of the company. If the company do not have proper showroom setup and just a small discussion office, then you need to be careful as most likely it is just a one man show company and may not be stable.
Lastly, the desired designer should be the one that understands your needs, service oriented and most importantly have the element of trust.

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