Monday, 10 September 2012

Do's & Don'ts of home decoration

From Expert Advice Kenneth Brown

Design is in the details. But, what exactly does that mean? To start with, you’ll want to pick a style before making any purchases. Don’t get too “theme-y” — your home is not an amusement park. You’ll also want to select a focal piece to inspire your design style, but don’t overdo it. One focal point per room is plenty.
When adding color to your walls don’t pick the color in the paint store or from a small chip. Instead, seek your interior designer for advice before committing to the color. Also, let your furniture “float” in the room so that it breathes rather than pushing it all up against the walls. Then fill out your room with these common dos and don’ts of design.
·                   Do use mirrors to create “vistas” in your room.
·                   Don’t use mirrors overlooking your bed.
·                   Do use soft lightings to enhance the mood of your room.
·                   Don’t go overboard with too many lights.
·                   Do layer your lighting with table and floor lamps.
·                   Don’t use light bulbs over 60 watts.
·                   Do use area rugs to anchor a furniture layout.
·                   Don’t use rugs that are too small. Always go up a size when selecting your rug so all furniture has at least the front legs sitting on the rug.
·                   Do bring in outdoor foliage for creative holiday centerpieces.
·                   Don’t forget to sit at the table while arranging it so you see it from a diner’s point of view. Avoid the jungle in the middle of the table syndrome.
·                   Do change the pillows on your sofa with the seasons.
·                   Don’t limit yourself to just two on a sofa — use a mix of styles and sizes to create entirely different looks.
·                   Do have a table within arms reach in your living room.
·                   Don’t feel like all tables have to be made of the same material. It’s even okay to mix wood colors from table to table

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